This  beauty  exudes  a  quiet  confidence.  A  serene  grey  background  with navy  and  blush  hued  blooms  elegantly  complements  the  subtle  lining  of  navy  pin  dots  on  blush.  She  might  prefer  to  observe  but  our Wallflower print  will  never  be  overlooked  (even  if  she  wants  to  be!)


Be Light - Wallflower

It’s one thing to be light. It’s another to be ultra crazy, feather light!This awesome tote can pack..


Be Quick - Wallflower

Organise the inside of your favourite bags or carry it alone as a purse. It doesn’t matter..


Be Right Back - Wallflower

Your favourite backpack is here! This is the ultimate hybrid… everything a traditional, full fe..


Be Set - Wallflower

You ready? Then get set to go wild over this fun new ensemble of baglets. We just made up that word,..


Fuel Cell - Wallflower

Fill ‘er up! This great looking bottle-bag/lunch-pail fits a lot. Put in three tall bottles with roo..


HoboBe - Wallflower

Is it a purse or is it a diaper bag? We don’t know, but isn’t it fun to say? It will be that much fu..


Itty Bitty Be - Wallflower

Honey, we shrunk the Be Classy! This is the cutest little thing you ever did see! A tiny Be Classy p..


Paci Pod - Wallflower

OK… it’s true. We did have a Paci Pod before, and it was awesome. But now we have the new and improv..


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